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Grid Parity for PV in Ireland ? Yes, but not always yes...

Grid Parity has been reached for photovoltaic electricity in Ireland. Grid parity meaning that the cost of a unit of electricity from renewable photovoltaics is the same , or less, than the cost of “standard” electricity.
A back of the napkin calculation of grid-parity is as follows :
Take the cost of a PV installation : ~ €2200 / kW, incl.VAT ( each kW will produce between 900 and 1000 kWh a year)Let’s take the case of a 5kW installation, total cost €11000 for an annual production of 4750 kWhWork out the cost of repaying that amount over 20 years (all PV equipment is guaranteed for 20 years minimum, if not you’re being taken for a ride)Assuming a 5% interest rate one of those web calculators works that that its €871 / year of repaymentsDivide that cost by the amount of kWh you’ll generate€871 / 4750 = 18.3c / kWh
So if you’re currently paying more than that on your electricity bill, then you’re a candidate for a PV installation. Legions of small businesses across Ireland are al…